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At Leader Shops, our first mission is to offer you an exceptional shopping experience so that you feel good about yourself with top-notch clothing comfort.

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LEADER-SHOPS has everything married and single people need to meet their clothing challenges. In the spotlight, elegant dresses and ensembles, shoes of distinction, luxurious shirts, honor dresses, perfumes and beauty products at highly competitive prices.

That said, we strive to stay on the cutting edge of fashion, offering collections that follow the latest trends and working with talented designers to create unique pieces for men and women or children with the aim of helping our visitors to find something that suits them from our wide selection.
We bring you here with the assurance that our products will help you improve your dress look for your events in particular circumstances of your life.

Indeed, our products have one thing in common with an excellent value for money and defy what is being done at the level of one-upmanship.
Amischrist works hard to make a difference and that customers and more consumers’ satisfaction is 100% total.


Do not hesitate for a moment to ask us your questions. Our team will respond to them as soon as possible.

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At Leader Shops, our primary mission is to offer you an exceptional shopping experience so that you feel good about yourself with top-notch clothing comfort.

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