Perserance in Prayers

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Persevarance in preyers

Persévérance en proie

Discern what time is it?

Perseverance in prayers The current infernal social climate of humanity no longer mixes well with the growing corruption of the human race and the wickedness which only aggravates the situation of the world. Not to mention the climatic upheavals, terrorism exacerbated by bloody wars, political and democratic conflicts on all continents. From almost everywhere, we hear cries of distress, tears and lamentations.
Indeed, this world is in flames and it is said: “At times like these, it is God’s command to his people to pray without ceasing day and night until they answer. If my people, over whom my name is proclaimed, humble themselves, pray and seek my face, and turn from their evil ways, I
To do this, the redefinition of prayer, its unquestioned power and its different methods have generated a new appreciation.
The intercession of God’s people is the unavoidable key to great change, given the following promise: “If my people will humble themselves and pray…I will hear them from heaven”.
On the other hand, the gradual cessation of prayers is catastrophic at all levels. It is the basis of the massive failures the church is expressing today in the face of a myriad of heartbreaking challenges. Would we be ready to pay the price expected by God to free us from chaos?

The return to God is an essential step

Joel 2:12-14. It is high time to use divine solutions. Because no organization in the world can help us. God regrets that all the nations abandon him to run after the things of nothingness, the pernicious sects and the satanists to claim to find the expected solutions. In his anger, God threatens revenge and for a little longer, if we don’t come back to him, the situation we are experiencing will be more and more complicated.

Pray, no need for routine, but for more inspiration


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We must pray yes, but not only pray. Indeed, continuing to pray to the end is the purpose of this article to lead every Christian to make good use of it.
According to the title perseverance in prayers, there are at least six types of prayers that we must know. In this complicated season, a single method of prayer can no longer suffice in the face of the magnitude of adversity. Let’s not talk about a little evening of prayer or the little crumbs of morning, noon and evening prayer that we did before these bad days. This is why we speak of “plural prayers” according to Ephesian 6: 18.


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There is no part of a fulfilled Christian life without the contribution of victorious prayers in the fight against the powers of darkness. God recommends us to pray at all times, all kinds of prayers and to put on the full armor of God to fight not against flesh and blood, but against rulers and authorities, satanic princes and evil spirits in the celestial places.

Perserance in Prayers





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